Yolanda Uriarte is a Barcelona based recycled art artist. She started her career in 1992. Her biggest inspiration was to give a second chance to old irons or abandoned materials she find on streets, something that gave her an unique style in her artpieces. She had heard first exhibition experience in 1993 in Nyon, Switzerland, joining in the following year the Barcelona Recycle Marathon. Since then she┬┤d been participating in local and global recycling festivals and exhibitions, including La Braderie de L'Art in Roubaix, France, where she exhibited three times some of her works.



Instagram: yolandauriarte3


  • 2020- Artbox Project - Barcelona

  • 2020- Dones Transitant C.C.- Barcelona

  • 2020- Winter Collective - Barcelona

  • 2009- L'anima del ferro - Palafrugell