Art is a tool that we use to express and make known the truth of life. In this case, Architecture and Photography are the most appreciated arts by Ricardo Ortiz Franco.

Born in Torreón Coahuila on January 5, 1998 and "adopted" by Monterrey in August 2006, Ricardo now studies at the Technological Institute of Superior Studies in Monterrey completing his Architecture degree. On the other hand, he has finished photography degrees from the Marco museum and Magnum Photos. Both passions have led Ricardo to create a unique perception of the things that surround him and therefore a further motivation to express his truth. Founder and president of the ARCHITEC congress in 2016, Ricardo now uses his photographic knowledge to carry out exhibitions and projects with other artists whose objective is to raise awareness of time and space.

It can be said that Ricardo, like many, tries to follow his passions through curiosity and learning so that he can get the best out of it and use it for the good of the community. Both photography and architecture, both have helped to create values ​​and fundamental knowledge for the development of a great human being. They have not only helped shape and create the way we live, but also capture and share how we live.