Hi! My name is Luis Gil de Biedma and I have a recent degree in Product Design. I currently live in Barcelona, ​​but until now I was living in Segovia, where I studied. Throughout my whole life I moved several times, and despite only being 22 years old I have lived in: Oviedo, Barcelona, ​​Ireland, Llano de Olmedo (Valladolid), Oxford and finally ended up in Segovia. In addition to living in these places I have visited numerous countries both in Europe and in America. This has allowed me to know different cultures and people, an aspect that has enriched me and provided me with a different and global vision of the world around me. Since I was little I was passionate about disassembling and reassembling objects to find out how and why they worked. This concern, as well as my passion for art and drawing, was what pushed me to study Product Design.