I was born in Barcelona in 1995,  and my parents always told me that since I was little I showed a great interest in creative works and construction, as well as in reading and people, my great passions. Over the years, I lived countless experiences around the world, good and bad, going through places like Ireland, Spain, the United States and different countries around Europe, where, step by step, I was exploring myself, discovering what my passions, my goals and my motivations were, also discovering in photography a part of me that I did not know.


So I decided to study Architecture, and after spending 5 years learning about that world, I realized that it was not exactly what I needed at the time, and decided to focus more on a discipline that allowed me to move more freely in the creative world. Thus, today, I dedicate myself fully to continue training  and exploring myself in the world of design, and I dedicate all my time to what is most important to me, doing what I like, enjoying life and sharing my happiness with people who I really love.