We are giving opportunities to create together, take them. 


It all started in September 2019, in Barcelona. But, we are raised everywhere, all around the world. Barcelona, Istanbul, Dublin, Turkey, Tampa, Miami...

Works of art have always been the center of society attention, the starting point for defining whether an artwork is quality or not worth looking at, wherever we have been. But the thing is that a piece of art is not only a a piece, there is so much behind every work and behind every artist and everything comes from someplace in someones mind, and that's unique.


In The Backstage we have reached the conclusion that everything is related to our history.  the history of each and every one of us. We are all formed by infinite pieces of memories, experiences, tastes, traumas and even fetishes, among many other variants that have made of us who we are. All of them affecting our way of understanding art or creating it, whatever side of the stage we are in.

Here, in the Backstage we are trying to understand how artists minds work, how they do what they create and even more important, what's happening behind the artworks and why.


The objective of this community is mainly to connect people. If you are interested in joining us, you may be someone who likes to create or participate in this world.


And we say "create" precisely because it is very complicated to define what exactly we do if it is not that: create for ourselves, or for those, or the others; but create.


From here, in the Backstage, we intend to connect all of you to all those people passionate about this, about what you like doing or what you are looking forward too do, which is the art of create.