The upcoming freelance artists community.

We are a family since September 2019, born and raised in Barcelona. Now our community expands all over the globe, covering Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Since the beginning of time, art has shaped society to a great extent. Being one of the deepest, broadest concepts it is always hard to distinguish art. We are creating our own perspective on how to judge art by accepting all kinds of art and artists behind them.


Here, in the Backstage we are trying to connect every single authentic mind that produces or perceives art and display the creative process that our artists go through.

We are set to become the largest online art eco-system with endless opportunities of collaboration within all members of our community.


In the Backstage, we intend to connect all those people who are passionate about art. We want to learn what they like to do or what they hope to do, which is the art of creating together. We want our online platform to encourage and enable young artists to share their own art with an ease of mind.